Nitrous Oxide for Labour Pain

It’s so important to know all your options for pain control before you go into labour. That way, you can confidently make decisions in the moment that will work for you.. without trying to process and learn about all your options while you are uncomfortable.

Today we are talking about laughing gas! As a labour and delivery nurse, I have seen so many mamas labour beautifully using it.

It takes the edge off and can be the perfect tool to make it past that transition period (7-10 cm) where the pressure women feel can be intense! I’d love to know! Who’s tried it? Who loved it? What are your stories about your experience with nitrous oxide?

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Newborns and Soothers

Babies are all born with a sucking reflex that doesn’t go away until around 4 months. They are called soothers for a reason.. they are soothing! They are a huge tool for parents of a newborn and this video talks about why!

This video is for you if:
👉You are wondering if you should introduce a soother to your baby
👉You feel guilty about the fact your baby has a soother
👉You’re not sure when or how to give your babe a soother

I love Ryan & Rose soothers as there are different sizes and shapes so you can find one your babe loves. I want to see all the cute soother pictures! Tag me in your stories so I can see and share. Share this with a mama who is wondering about soothers❤️

The Benefits of Postpartum Hand Expression

Easy and natural are not the same thing! Yes, breastfeeding is natural.

No, it isn’t always easy. It’s learned by both mama and babe! Check out my video on postnatal hand expression. Did you know doing this in the first few days postpartum can Increase your chances of breastfeeding success?

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Wondering About Epidurals?

There is a lot of information out there on epidurals.. it can be overwhelming and some of it isn’t true. Pain is subjective and you are in charge of how you want to manage it. You may not know how you want to until you are in labour, as it’s hard to predict how you will feel! You are the captain of the ship- not your partner and you shouldn’t feel pressure from anyone to do birth a certain way. Watch this if you are wondering:

👉When is the right time to get an epidural
👉How fast do they work?
👉How do you pee with an epidural
👉Why you’ll feel like a gymnast

Let me know if you have any questions! All mama coaches teach prenatal, both private and group classes!