More than Sleep

It is never as simple as “do this and they’ll sleep”.

There are so many factors that need to be accounted for, which is why as Registered Nurses we do a full assessment on your child included in each sleep package.

We look extensively at feeding, development, weight gain, and your child’s circadian rhythm to determine the best way to find sleep.

If there is an underlying feeding issue, finding sleep will be a challenge. Lots of tears and feeding may be compromised. We look at the entire picture and if there is something that needs to be addressed prior to working on sleep, we will help you or find you the health professional to address it, then work on sleep together.

This is a vital step for all families looking for sleep because sleep comes easily when we ensure your child is ready for it.

We understand there are a lot of choices out there for finding sleep for your little one, but we promise we bring so much more than sleep. We bring quality care and support from a Registered Nurse that will help you meet your goals.

In-Home Sleep Services

More Than Sleep Assessment and Consultation

3 Months to 18 Months

This includes analysis of your child's circadian rhythm (fill out and track prior to webinar using this form), an assessment on your child's feeding patterns, and health history. Then we will build you a personalized 2 week plan to help you reach your sleep goals. We will send you the plan before the webinar, where we will spend 90 minutes helping you understand infant sleep, why they act the way they do, and walk you through, step by step, how to reach your sleep goals.

Newborn Package

Birth to 3 Months

You’re looking for answers on why she is so gassy, why she is spitting up or why each feed is taking over an hour? You put her down and she only sleeps twenty minutes, then you start all over again?

More than Sleep

3 Months to 18 Months

You tell us your expectations, and we will use our extensive knowledge on sleep science, feeding expertise, and Registered Nurse assessment skills to ensure you meet your goals. We make sure your child is ready for sleep prior to starting which is key- any underlying feeding or medical concerns will be addressed first to help make finding sleep so much easier.

More than Sleep

18 Months to 3 years

We are all mamas, and we get it. As Registered Nurses we understand the cognitive and physical development of a toddler and how that impacts sleep. Maybe sleep was going well and now it isn’t or maybe it never has. We can help. We use the science of sleep and the deep understanding on the development of toddlers to help you find sleep for your little one.

More than Sleep

4 Years and Older

If you are struggling with your older child, we understand. Our philosophy on sleep for older children, is that we need to work with them, not on them. They have a voice and deserve to be included. We will empower them to start sleeping independently and develop a positive outlook on sleep.

Online Courses

“More than Sleep” Online Newborn Course

Prenatal to 3 Months

Learn how to support your fussy baby, how to give baby a bath, what a safe sleep space can look like, how to solve feeding issues and where to start with laying foundational sleep habits. This course was created to help you with all aspects as you enter your parenting journey.

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Sleep Analysis and Webinar

3 months to 18 months

How do you define sleeping through the night?

What is your idea of great sleep for your baby?

This is our starting point for each client we work with. It is not up to us to tell you how your child should be sleeping.

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Which Sleep Method do we Use?

This is a big question.

The answer is… we don’t have just one.

One particular method doesn’t work for all children.

We complete a nursing assessment on each child we work with, as well as a feeding assessment to ensure the least amount of stress for the entire family.

We don’t believe  infants should be forced to sleep through the night. This causes too many tears for moms and babes!

Instead we do a feeding assessment on every child, and teaching around the timing and feeds themselves…  and you will see amazing outcomes.

A baby that can fall asleep independently and will sleep long stretches, and through the night when they are ready, all while feeding on demand. Naps will fall into place and you will find yourself enjoying parenting.

We are using our years of training as Registered Nurses to bring so much more than sleep.