Virtual prenatal class

As Registered Nurses, we understand how important it is to have resources and information while you are pregnant. Quality education and resources help mamas feel prepped and ready to bring their babies home.

We know that so many of your prenatal classes have been cancelled in your communities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has left you feeling unsure about what your birth will look like.

We want to support you through your pregnancy and provide you the education you need to feel less anxious, and more excited.

As a team of RNs across North America, we are all trying to host LIVE, VIRTUAL Prenatal classes for you to watch from home, at an affordable price. These classes include email support until your baby is born, because there is so much information out there right now.

In our VIRTUAL class we will discuss:

  • How does the Cover-19 pandemic affect how and when I should go to the hospital
  • What happens if I don’t feel well when I am in labour (cough or cold symptoms)
  • How will I breastfeed during Covid-19
  • How can I keep my baby safe
  • AND managing the third trimester
  • Signs of early labour. when to go to the hospital
  • How to manage your pain in labour
  • How your partner can help you in early and active labour
  • Vaginal births
  • Ceseareans
  • Postpartum
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant care

It will be approximately 3 hours long, recorded, and you will also get a copy of our ebook on pregnancy and birth that will answer all of your questions!

Also includes phone and email support till your baby is born.

Please contact a Mama Coach in your area so she can get you registered! Most are running classes starting next week (March 22 and on) to help all of you who have been cancelled!

Investment: Contact your nearest Mama Coach