The Total Support Package


If you are feeling stressed about delivery and bringing your baby home, let a Registered Nurse help you. We will come to your home and give you a tailored prenatal class, designed around your pregnancy and your plans for birth. It’s comfortable and easy. Once your bundle arrives, we come to you to help you get breastfeeding established. You have an established relationship with your Mama Coach and the help she provides with breastfeeding feels so reassuring. We will continue to support you through phone and email and come back again at 5 weeks old to show you how to get your baby feeding on demand and sleeping beautifully. This isn’t sleep training! Just something you practice to establish healthy sleep hygiene from the start. Let us explain new born sleep science.. it all makes so much sense after our sessions together!

This includes:

  • Your private prenatal session
  • Text support till your baby comes
  • A postpartum visit to make sure breast feeding is going well
  • ANOTHER visit at 5 weeks postpartum (the newborn package)
  • Once baby is born 8 weeks of email and phone support

Make your transition to motherhood so much easier with our support!

Investment: Please select your location to see pricing.