Postpartum Support

Birth to 3 Months

We hope you felt cared for and supported during your birth experience.

We want you to feel reassured and confident taking care of yourself and your newborn in the post partum period.

We will come to your home and be your extra set of hands as you transition to being home with your baby. But we are more than just help.

As Registered Nurses we will give you all the education and support you need to have the confidence to feed and care for your baby, with less worry and overwhelm.

This package is an hourly rate and we will answer all your questions, as well as get breastfeeding initiated, help you build a beautiful milk supply, teach you how to bathe your baby, cut fingernails, teach about newborn rash, jaundice, cord care, newborn development and so much more.

This package is perfect for families with a baby under 12 weeks old.

Investment: Please select your location to see pricing.