New Allergy Support

All Ages

Do you have a child with a new food allergy? Are feeling overwhelmed?

This package can help you and your family learn and manage the diagnosis.

This package includes:

  • A preliminary assessment of your child and your families’ needs. This includes day to day activities, diet, a detailed history of your child, and your specific learning needs.
  • A comprehensive consultation where we will meet with you and your family about your child’s new allergies and we will teach you:
  • How to shop safely to avoid the food your child is allergic to. We will provide resources also.
  • How to manage birthdays, holidays, airplanes, vacations and restaurants without isolating your child.
  • How to safely send your child to school or daycare.
  • How to teach your child about his or her allergy.
  • Correct Epipen administration and storage.
  • Three follow up emails (That must be used within 6 months of the consultation).

Investment: $400