More than Sleep

18 Months to 3 years

Toddlers. Beautiful and exhausting all rolled into one.

We are all mamas, and we get it. As Registered Nurses we understand the cognitive and physical development of a toddler and how that impacts sleep.

Maybe sleep was going well and now it isn’t or maybe it never has. We can help. We use the science of sleep and the deep understanding on the development of toddlers to help you find sleep for your little one.

We will come to your house to complete an assessment as Registered nurses. We will look at your child’s diet, development, circadian rhythms and overall health. This assessment will help us get your toddler sleeping beautifully.

We will send you detailed notes on our starting point. Then we will support you through phone calls and emails to ensure your toddler is thriving and sleep is improving.

We want to leave you with the confidence to manage the changes in her circadian rhythm through time changes, milestones and as she grows. We will help you keep sleep on the rails by giving you tools for flexibility. We talk about travel, illness, nap transitions, new siblings and big beds.

Let’s talk about your toddler.

As Registered Nurses, we bring so much more than sleep. We can’t wait to get started.

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Available Add-Ons

  • Bedtime Support - $200
    Add three hours of bedtime support. A Mama Coach will come and do bedtime with you and your child.
  • Siblings - $150
    Add another child to this package for one low rate.
  • Twins - Free
    Twins may be twice the work, but at The Mama Coach, they're always the same price as one child.
  • Refresher Call - $49
    Offered exclusively to past clients, this refresher call is available for those who need a little extra support.