Antenatal Hand Expression


Are you wondering what the heck that even is? Sounds crazy, we know!

Collecting breastmilk for your baby while pregnant has three major benefits:

  • You build a freezer stash of colostrum to bring with you to the hospital- sometimes baby’s come out and aren’t ready to feed, or have increased risk of low blood sugars (large babies, small babies, babes with diabetic mamas, babes who were stressed at birth), and bringing your own milk to give as supplement helps avoid formula supplementation.
  • You get comfortable handling your breasts. You haven’t fed a baby before and it takes a while to feel competent- hand expressing in pregnancy makes this transition so much easier and way less stressful.
  • It can help increase your milk supply. As Mama Coaches, we see this all the time with our clients. If you’ve struggled with supply with your previous children or want to give yourself the best chances at building a solid milk supply, this can help!

Our antenatal hand expression package includes:

  • A VIRTUAL visit where we will teach you how to hand express and safely store it.
  • Explain the benefits of antenatal hand expression (read about them here).
  • Extra teaching on breastfeeding and what to expect.
  • Positioning and common breastfeeding challenges.
  • All supplies needed to safely store your colostrum.

Best done after 36 weeks gestation and after a discussion with your care provider. Book in advance to ensure your appointment!

Investment: Please select your location to see pricing.