You are pregnant… how exciting!

We are thrilled for you, and as Registered Nurses, we want to teach you about YOUR pregnancy.

Our classes are tailored to your pregnancy and birth wishes.

We talk about it all. Think about all the many ways labour can go- our job is to make sure you feel good about birth and bringing your baby home.

In-Home Pregnancy Services

Virtual prenatal class

As Registered Nurses, we understand how important it is to have resources and information while you are pregnant. Quality education and resources help mamas feel prepped and ready to bring their babies home. We know that so many of your prenatal classes have been cancelled in your communities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has left you feeling unsure about what your birth will look like. We want to support you through your pregnancy and provide you the education you need to feel less anxious, and more excited. W As a team of RNs across North America, we are all trying to host LIVE, VIRTUAL Prenatal classes for you to watch from home, at an affordable price. These classes include email support until your baby is born, because there is so much information out there right now.

Virtual Mother/Baby visits

Birth to 3 Months

As Registered Nurses, we want you to have consistent, quality support as we move through Covid-19 together. We understand that your support system looks a little different right now. We...

Prenatal feeding workshop- plan and prep for feeding

As mamas, we plan for our births. We know that knowledge is power. The more you know, the easier feeding can be. We know that feeding support may look different...

Private Prenatal Class


Imagine sitting on your couch, with the ability to ask anything you want without feeling uncomfortable in front of a large group. It will be approximately a three hour session, where we will walk you through everything from the end of your pregnancy, when to go to the hospital, birth, and bringing your baby home.

Group Prenatal Class


This class is perfect for couples who are looking for a fun, relaxed setting to learn about birth and bringing baby home. It is approximately a three hour session, where we will walk you through all the things and promise not to make you feel uncomfortable!

The Total Support Package


Personalized prenatal class in your home, lactation support, understand the science of sleep with your newborn and have support from a Registered Nurse!

Antenatal Hand Expression


Build a beautiful milk supply while still pregnant! We will come to you and show you how to build a freezer stash of milk before your baby even arrives!

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift


This is honestly the best gift you can give a new mama and her babe, The gift of SUPPORT! This package is redeemable any time Mama is ready for us, we will be there for her! We can make her transition to motherhood easier! This package also includes a Swaddlenot- a sleep sack that is perfect for the baby transitioning from a swaddle.

Online Courses

“More than Sleep” Online Newborn Course

Prenatal to 3 Months

Learn how to support your fussy baby, how to give baby a bath, what a safe sleep space can look like, how to solve feeding issues and where to start with laying foundational sleep habits. This course was created to help you with all aspects as you enter your parenting journey.

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