Oversupply: is this why your babe is so fussy?

By Carrie Bruno

February 15, 2020

Carrie is the founder of The Mama Coach. She is a RN, IBCLC lactation consultant, sleep consultant and mama of two little guys. She leads the North American team of Mama Coaches and is committed to making motherhood easier.

Oversupply: something not always seen as an issue but oh boy can this cause a CRANKY baby! Here are some common symptoms of an oversupply.

Is your baby:
🍼chokes and sputters at the breast
🍼spits up a lot
🍼wants to nurse all the time 🍼fussy

It could be an oversupply and there are things we can do to help! Oversupply commonly gets mixed up with reflux and can cause so much anguish to babe and new parents.

If you think this could be you- comment below or reach out- we would love to help you!

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