Nitrous Oxide for Labour Pain

By Carrie Bruno

January 20, 2020

Carrie is the founder of The Mama Coach. She is a RN, IBCLC lactation consultant, sleep consultant and mama of two little guys. She leads the North American team of Mama Coaches and is committed to making motherhood easier.

It’s so important to know all your options for pain control before you go into labour. That way, you can confidently make decisions in the moment that will work for you.. without trying to process and learn about all your options while you are uncomfortable.

Today we are talking about laughing gas! As a labour and delivery nurse, I have seen so many mamas labour beautifully using it.

It takes the edge off and can be the perfect tool to make it past that transition period (7-10 cm) where the pressure women feel can be intense! I’d love to know! Who’s tried it? Who loved it? What are your stories about your experience with nitrous oxide?

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