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Kaleigh MacDonald- Tremblay

My name is Kaleigh and I am a mama to a beautiful little girl, with one on the way! I am a Registered Nurse, Sleep Coach and lactation counsellor. I am passionate about supporting families without the judgement.
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My journey as a Mama Coach

” I look forward to supporting east coast families in their transition to parenthood. I will help you navigate through the challenges. I can’t wait to meet you and get started!.”

I’m Kaleigh and first and foremost, I’m a Mama to one little girl, one little boy and three fur babies;a wife to a very supportive husband and a Registered Nurse. For as long as I can remember, I wanted a career focused on helping others.  Although I am now a Registered Nurse, my path started in Child and Youth Care, an amazing experience, exposing me to many different people.  It also brought me to Edmonton, AB where I worked on a ranch as a youth care worker for youth with mental illness. This opened my eyes to a wide variety of people with different backgrounds, familial issues and dynamics.

Eventually, I moved home to Nova Scotia, where I realized that while I loved child and youth care, it was time for me to move forward with a career change. After a lot of soul searching, I felt nursing was where I was supposed to be. I went back to school and five years later, I graduated with a BscN from Dalhousie University.  I started my nursing career in a rural hospital inEmergency and Oncology Nursing, both which I enjoyed very much.

 In 2015 I became pregnant with my first child, and in 2016, Adelia was born. Fast forward to today and I am currently pregnant with our second child. Motherhood was not what I expected it to be; everything I thought I knew before Adelia was born went out the window. Motherhood has daily challenges. From breastfeeding to sleep deprivation to trying to figure out nap times and awake times and tummy times and play times and all the “times” you don’t realize even exist before you have a baby! It was overwhelming and I had such a difficult time balancing it all.

The biggest challenge I faced was post-partum anxiety, which I didn’t recognize in myself for quite some time. It was likely caused by, among other things, all of the pressures I put on myself to find time for all these “times” and maintain our household. When you couple sleep deprivation with anxiety the outcome is not good. I learned that I couldn’t take care of Adelia if I wasn’t taking care of myself. Luckily, I had a very supportive husband who was very patient, and encouraged me to seek help and let-go of things I couldn’t do anything about.

I first heard of The Mama Coach from my sister-in-law in Calgary. She had sought out a sleep coach for my nephew when he was around 5 months old and this was life -changing for her and my brother. Their Mama Coach helped them in a big way to finally catch up on some much needed sleep, but it also gave my sister-in-law the confidence boost you need sometimes as a new mom. I don’t know anyone who isn’t scared of having their first child, there are so many unknowns and its difficult to navigate. Luckily, for them they found such great support in their Mama Coach. I wish at the time I could have called on someone for support and that is why I am so excited about bringing the Mama Coach to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I look forward to being able to offer my professional experience as a Registered Nurse, and personal experience as a Mama, that same support to newmoms on the East Coast!

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Do you have a child who won’t sleep?

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed? We can help. As an Infant Sleep Coach we offer a gentle solution to get your child consistently napping and sleeping so much better in the night! Lactation counselling and intensive support is included in ALL of our packages.

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Infant and Child Allergy Navigation

We understand the fear and anxiety around food allergies and my service helps educate and empower parents to gain control of their child’s allergies and feel more comfortable managing them.

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Prenatal Class

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

The Mama Coach prenatal education was created by Carrie Bruno (founder of The Mama Coach) based on over 12 years experience as a labour and delivery nurse and lactation consultant.

Your class will be taught by a Mama coach- and we are all Registered Nurses and Mamas!

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Child and Infant CPR+Choking mini session. December 9, 2018 from 9:30am-11:00am at Fiddleheads Kids Shop Bedford location.


Bottoms and Babies. This is a 6-part workshop series offered by Scott R Fitness and The Mama Coach Halifax. Join us every Monday from January 7- February 11, 2018 from 7pm-8pm while Scott Robinson offers workouts designed to strengthen pelvic floor and postpartum body weakness. This will be followed by education from The Mama Coach, who will cover the benefits of pelvic floor strengthening, all things sleep, milestones and managing postpartum anxiety.

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Sleep Seminar: Cavicchis Meats December 13, 2018 at 7pm

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