Breastfeeding. Bottle feeding. Formula. Combination of both. It is a personal choice.

As Registered Nurses, we believe in supporting you on your journey.

We will provide real solutions and a ton of support without any judgement. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, whether your baby is 2 days old or two years, we are committed to helping you.

If you are pumping, or formula feeding and have questions, we are here for you.

How you feed your baby does not determine how good of a mother you are. We believe that a healthy mama is imperative for a healthy family.

In-Home Feeding and Lactation Services

Virtual feeding support

Having a baby brings so many questions and uncertainties! We understand that at The Mama Coach. We also understand that the internet can be a very overwhelming space to find...

Online Newborn Course

Are you expecting and looking for evidence based education that will make your transition into motherhood easier? Maybe you are brand new parents, and searching for information on breastfeeding, a solution to your baby's fussy hours, or wondering why they just won't sleep. This course is a series of videos and ebooks that explains it all about newborns! We are so proud of this course, and are so happy to share all the information in one place. This is the resource that will make life easier for you and your newborn. Valued at over $150 USD this course is worth the investment. This is a resource you will turn to again and again!

Virtual Mother/Baby visits

Birth to 3 Months

As Registered Nurses, we want you to have consistent, quality support as we move through Covid-19 together. We understand that your support system looks a little different right now. We...

Prenatal feeding workshop- plan and prep for feeding

As mamas, we plan for our births. We know that knowledge is power. The more you know, the easier feeding can be. We know that feeding support may look different...

Lactation Consultation

All Ages

Maybe you have been to multiple health care providers who have all told you something different, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. This package is for the families who need consistent support to overcome the struggles they are having with nursing.

Postpartum Support

Birth to 3 Months

This package is an hourly rate and we will answer all your questions, as well as get breastfeeding initiated, help you build a beautiful milk supply, teach you how to bathe your baby, cut fingernails, teach about newborn rash, jaundice, cord care, newborn development and so much more.

Weaning Package

All Ages

At what age you are ready to wean your baby is completely up to you. Whether your baby is 3 months or 3 years, we can help.