Sam Kimura, RN

Sam Kimura
Sam Kimura

Sam is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counselor, and Sleep Coach working with families in .

Tell us about your own journey and how your experiences have changed the way you look at motherhood and parenting.

I have two beautiful children--- Charlotte and Weston. Being a mother was always in my plans so I figured it would come naturally to me. After my first baby was born, I quickly learned how hard this gig actually is! I realized the importance of a good support system and decided that I never want a mom to feel alone in their journey

Tell us a little about your nursing career.

I knew in high school that my passion was helping others. When I saw the possibilities in nursing, this was an easy decision for me. I graduated from University of Alberta in 2008 and immediately started my career with pediatric nursing after. Since then I have primarily worked with pediatric oncology patients, PICU, NICU and adult urgent care.

Sam is AMAZING. Our family owes our sanity to this woman! She is well versed, incredibly knowledgeable and so very patient and understanding -- she definitely knows her stuff! We couldn't believe our eyes when our wonderfully stubborn 4 month old was falling asleep and STAYING asleep independently the very next night. Babe is his happier self now that he is getting the proper sleep that he so desperately needed and deserved. Very much worth the investment, we are thrilled! THANK YOU!

What are the two most important lessons you've learned working with moms, babies, and families?

I have learned that your journey is yours and I am privileged to be a part of this with you. Every mom and child gives me new insight in to this world and I am thankful to have this gift of experience to share with you.

If you had one bit of advice to give to a new parent, what would it be?

Ask for help! No one expects you to do this on your own, but you have to ask for what you need!

Self-care is a big challenge for parents. How do you maintain your own energy and outlook?

I spend a lot of time meditating and practicing self-reflection. When I am feeling overwhelmed I try to go for a run to clear my mind and start fresh. Basically, I breathe and pause. This always helps!

Is there anything we've missed that you'd like to share with Mama Coach clients?

I am living my best life and literally working in my dream job. The Mama Coach came in to my life at the perfect time and I am really excited to help as many moms as possible!

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