Robin Forslund, RN

Robin Forslund
Robin Forslund

Robin is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counselor, and Sleep Coach working with families in Edmonton.

Tell us about your own journey and how your experiences have changed the way you look at motherhood and parenting.

I have two beautiful daughters, a 5 year old and a 2 year old, and a sweet baby boy. Being a mother is my greatest joy, but it hasn't always been a joyful experience. My first daughter had a tongue tie which made nursing difficult. I pumped and syringe fed her for the first month. I had supply issues and the fact that neither of us were sleeping much, complicated matters further. She suffered from reflux, milk and soy sensitivities and would cry all night, every night.
I was devastated. I felt like I was failing as a mother. I loved my baby more than anything and had all this medical knowledge, so why was this so hard?
At 9 months my daughter was diagnosed with an immune disease that can cause anaphylaxis from pretty much anything. I learned all that I could about allergies, reactions, epipens and antihistamines and made sure my husband and family members were equally as prepared.
It took about a year, lots of research and the help of many professionals to get all of our issues sorted out. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten help earlier, I feel I missed out on many of the joys the first year has to offer.
The birth of my second daughter brought new challenges, but I felt better equipped to handle them this time. Talking to other moms, colleagues and friends I realized that I wasn't alone in the struggles I had faced. Inconsolable crying, feeding difficulties and sleep issues are very common.
I don't want anyone else to struggle or feel alone like I did and that is why I became a Mama Coach.

Tell us a little about your nursing career.

I have been a Registered Nurse in Emergency and Paediatric Medicine for over 12 years. Helping others has always been a calling for me. My desire to help others is what drew me to Nursing as a profession and now it has led me to helping make motherhood easier as a Mama Coach!

Robin was absolutely amazing in helping our 10-month old boy sleep! He had been waking 4-5 times a night, not napping well and was fighting going to sleep. The tried and true ways for us of nursing or rocking him to sleep only made him frustrated and upset. Within days - yes just a couple days - of Robin’s help we had a much improved sleeper. Within less than two weeks he started sleeping an uninterrupted 12 hours at night with great naps, which he’s still doing 2 months later. Robin enabled us to use very gentle sleep practices and she was truly a lifesaver for our family. It is so great to see our baby in the morning all bright eyed and happy after a full night’s sleep.

What are the two most important lessons you've learned working with moms, babies, and families?

There is more than one way to be a great parent. If it's working for you, it's working! Don't get too caught up in all the well intentioned advice. It is just that, advice, use what works for you and its ok to leave the rest.
Ask for help when you need it. Asking for help can be so hard but it is always worth it! I wish I had reached out earlier rather than trying to do it all on my own. Help is out there, you just need to ask.

If you had one bit of advice to give to a new parent, what would it be?

You are doing a great job! Really! As parents we are far too hard on ourselves. When I work with families I see the immense love they have for their children and it is so beautiful. That is what matters.

Self-care is a big challenge for parents. How do you maintain your own energy and outlook?

Self-care is something I struggle with. It helps that I absolutely love my work with the Mama Coach. It doesn't feel like work.
Spending time with my husband and girls always rejuvenates me. My girls are so full of energy and joy it is infectious. We like exploring our city, baking, crafting and reading books.
I also will never say no to a good cup of coffee or a bubble bath.

Is there anything we've missed that you'd like to share with Mama Coach clients?

If you are struggling with feeding, sleep, or allergies please reach out to me. I would love to help you find the solution that works for your family so you can enjoy this wonderful time in your life!

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