Jessica De La Torre, RN

Jessica De La Torre
Jessica De La Torre

Jessica is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counselor, and Sleep Coach working with families in Dallas.

Tell us about your own journey and how your experiences have changed the way you look at motherhood and parenting.

Motherhood has brought me so much joy. I have one daughter and motherhood just looked slightly different for me since day one. As a single parent since the newborn born phase, I learned how much support is necessary.

I struggled with breastfeeding and sleep myself and I knew there was little support for mothers once they left the hospital. Shortly after my daughter, I knew I wanted to support other women in their new walk with motherhood!

Tell us a little about your nursing career.

I initially went to college to be a dietician as I had a passion for health and nutrition.Shortly after my Bachelors in Dietetics, I started pursuing my Nursing degree because I saw the need to help people in a more vulnerable state. Motherhood is one of those times- women need extra support as they transition and grow into their new role- whether it is their first baby or their fifth, I am ready to support you. I’ve been a nurse for about five years and have worked in various areas of the hospital.

I’ve also recently taken an interest in medical missions to focus on women’s health in underserved areas.

What are the two most important lessons you've learned working with moms, babies, and families?

Everyone’s journey is different. Don’t compare yourself or your child to another. Your way is exactly what your baby needs.

If you had one bit of advice to give to a new parent, what would it be?

I promise you that you are not messing up this new life! Just enjoy the little moments and don’t worry about the mess. I promise you the time will pass fast so soak it up now.

Self-care is a big challenge for parents. How do you maintain your own energy and outlook?

I enjoy running. Okay, honestly I don’t, but I can strap my child down in the stroller and focus on myself for 30 mins. I wake up early before my child to have some quiet time. I am not a morning person but I encourage any mother struggling to get some time alone to wake up before their child! You won’t regret it.

Is there anything we've missed that you'd like to share with Mama Coach clients?

I’m excited to work alongside you and support you mama!

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