Brittany Slattery, RN

Brittany Slattery
Brittany Slattery

Brittany is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counselor, and Sleep Coach working with families in Los Angeles.

Tell us about your own journey and how your experiences have changed the way you look at motherhood and parenting.

I had to sift through a lot of google information while I was pregnant with my first child (and there was a lot of it!) to help me make decisions for my labor and delivery, healthcare for myself and my daughter, and parenting in general. I don't live near any family so I was really on my own. Since I was in nursing school at the time, I was well trained in looking for things that were evidence-based but also that aligned with my own philosophies. (Attachment parent over here!) I'm a firm believer that there is no one-size-fits-all in our journeys- parenting or otherwise. My training will bring trauma-informed care to my clients who need it. I want to support mothers in the way they feel they need to be supported. It's my job to know what's realistic- biologically, what's safest- physically, and what's a patient's needs are on a holistic level- psychologically and spiritually.

Tell us a little about your nursing career.

While I have always been quite passionate about gender and women's issues, I initially started nursing school with the intent of becoming an emergency room nurse. The pace of a trauma ED sounded exciting to me. Catching people in the middle of a dramatic piece of their story was exactly where I thought I was meant to be. Once in school, I discovered forensic nursing. To be a sexual assault nurse examiner seemed to combine my passion for women's health, with being able to help someone in their ultimate hour of need.

And then came my daughter. I got pregnant right in the middle of nursing school. As I studied all the things new moms google and all of the obstetrics taught to me in class, my mind bubbled with information. Naturally, my focus fell on to my newborn for a while but once back into the swing of things, I set my goals on finding a spot in a labor & delivery department.

Upon graduation and licensing, I was offered both my dream jobs. I work on call as a sexual assault nurse examiner and full time as a labor & delivery RN. I feel so honored to assist my patients in these life-changing moments.

What are the two most important lessons you've learned working with moms, babies, and families?

1. No one is confident in their abilities with a brand new baby! I have had mothers with many children ask me to help position their baby, swaddle their baby, latch their baby. It's okay to ask for help, no matter what your situation may look like.
2. Our babies are small for such a short time and it goes so quickly. As everyone's priorities are different, I can't say what the lesson is behind that observation besides don't take it for granted.

If you had one bit of advice to give to a new parent, what would it be?

Trust yourself and your children. Have confidence and be your strongest advocate. No one knows your body more than you do. No one knows your children like you do. Lots of people will have opinions and advice (including me!) but take what you like and leave the rest.

Self-care is a big challenge for parents. How do you maintain your own energy and outlook?

Self-care has always been a challenge as parents, but it's nearly impossible in the time of Covid. I sign up for Zoom yoga classes with my local studio to keep my body, mind and spirit in (relative) good health. I show up on my mat and let go of the results. I usually wind up with a nursing toddler and two cats on top of me, but every minute there counts. Sometimes I have to run off to wipe a booty, or grab my kiddo a snack but I always come back for that resting pose at the end of class!

Is there anything we've missed that you'd like to share with Mama Coach clients?

Not at this time :)

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