Ashley Andrew, RN

Ashley Andrew
Ashley Andrew

Ashley is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counselor, and Sleep Coach working with families in Simi Valley.

Tell us about your own journey and how your experiences have changed the way you look at motherhood and parenting.

I am a mama of 2 and on our journey for our second child my husband and I struggled with multiple factors leading to infertility including recurrent miscarriages and a uterine septum. We were so amazed that after years of trying we were finally able to have our rainbow baby, our daughter Emma. This struggle has really changed my perspective and I am beyond grateful each and every day that I get to be the mama of these 2 kiddos! Motherhood has its challenges, but going through such heartache and pain has only led me to have the beautiful family that I have today. Each baby is so precious and it truly brings me joy to be able to help and support other babies and their families.

Tell us a little about your nursing career.

I have been a Registered Nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for over 10 years now! I knew right out of nursing school that I wanted to work with babies and children. My passion for pediatrics and my love for the fast paced and challenging environment of critical care has led me to love my years as a PICU nurse.

What are the two most important lessons you've learned working with moms, babies, and families?

The biggest lesson I have learned is to listen. This is so key in all aspects of our lives, but especially when it comes to working with parents. Parents are the true experts on their babies and children, being able to listen to them is vital. As a nurse I get to come together with families to partner with them in order to help give that extra guidance and support so they can reach their goals!

The second key lesson has been compassion and empathy. Parents want the best for their precious babes and sometimes the challenges of parenthood can make us feel unsure of ourselves. I get it! Being a parent is hard! We all want to do our best for our littles one. I understand what parents are going through because I have been there too.

If you had one bit of advice to give to a new parent, what would it be?

You got this! Being a new parent can be scary, but you are never alone! There is always support for you and I love that as a nurse we get the opportunity to help new parents on their new adventure! Reaching out for help is an awesome first step and it shows how much you truly care and love your baby.

Self-care is a big challenge for parents. How do you maintain your own energy and outlook?

It is all about balance. I take advantage of those quiet moments during nap time and after bedtime when I am finally able to hear my own thoughts and relax. Take a little “you” time and don’t feel guilty about it! Sometimes I just need to lay in bed and watch a show or do a quick facial and pedicure at home. Taking care of ourselves is so important so that we have the frame of mind to show up and be the best for our kids. And when all else fails go outside! Fresh air and a walk can do wonders for everyone!

Is there anything we've missed that you'd like to share with Mama Coach clients?

My son is currently 6 and my daughter is 1. My amazing husband is a firefighter and I understand the uniqueness that comes with families of first responders. My husband is gone for days at a time and navigating that as a new mom was difficult. So many families deal with this and I want you to know that I understand the struggle!

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