No mama should have to struggle at Christmas.

The Mama Coach team and Mama for Mamas have come together to support Mamas across Canada.

Christmas Giveback infographic
You got this mama bracelet You got this mama sweater You got this mama tank top

Purchase one of our bracelets (you got this mama, mama bear and good mama) for $35 each or the set for $90, OR You Got This, Mama sweatshirts for $50 and tanks for $35 and ALL of the profits go towards helping multiple families across Canada in need this holiday season. We will be providing each family gifts, Christmas dinner and the gift of our support.


Nomination Form

Nominations are now closed. Please check back for the winners announcement!

Wearing your sweatshirt, tank or bracelet shows other moms that we are together in motherhood.

This gig is hard and beautiful, so let’s lose the judgment and be champions for supporting each other. No one is alone in this journey.

Rules and Regulations

Location: Family’s must live in Canada

Who can be nominated: Nominations can be made for any family with children or who are expecting.

We are looking for families who deserve and need Christmas cheer, but also who could use The Mama Coaches services (prenatal classes, lactation support, sleep coaching, allergy navigation) within the next calendar year.

What will The Mama Coaches provide: Each Mama Coach will be giving away a Christmas package to one family in need. Families will receive a gift certificate for The Mama Coaches’ services and gifts that will support a family with small children. We will be picking families at the beginning of December, at which time we will ask the individual who sent the request what the family could use most this holiday season. The gift packages will be a combination of sponsored gifts, gift certificates and individual wish list items.

When will we choose: The Mama Coaches' and Mamas for Mamas will read every story and nomination. We will inform the individual who sent the request that they have been chosen between Dec 8-10 and the gifts will be delivered between the 18th and 22nd of December. Please note, while we would love to provide a package for every family who is nominated, only the recipient will be informed.

Winners may not nominate themselves.

 Winners may not have won a similar contest in the past year- and must disclose if they have

 We will not be gifting electronics.

 People related to any Mama Coach can not apply.

 Gifts may not be returned for cash.

Nominations close December 7, 2018 at 6 pm MST.