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I believe we birth our babies, and then comes the guilt that can surround motherhood. Guilt is toxic to ALL the relationships in your life, including the one with yourself. Instead of just telling you not to feel guilty, We offer parenting solutions as well as effective strategies to overcome “mom guilt”.

My name is Carrie Bruno

My name is Carrie Bruno and I am the founder of The Mama Coach. We are a nation wide group of Registered Nurses committed to making motherhood easier!

I am a Registered Nurse, Lactation Consultant and Infant Sleep Coach. I have been a Registered Nurse since 2005 and worked in labour and delivery for over 12 years.

I have wanted to be a nurse since I was a small girl. I trained at MacEwan in Edmonton and graduated with distinction in 2005. I jumped straight into labour and delivery and loved it. Helping women with the transition into motherhood was so rewarding and I left every shift feeling satisfied and inspired. Then I married and became a mom to two little boys. I thought being a nurse would have me prepared for motherhood. Boy, was I wrong. I found it challenging and truly struggled with the transition.

I loved my boys more than anything but every night when I got into bed I felt like I was doing lots of things in my life (a mother, a wife, a nurse, a friend, a sister.. the list goes on), but I was doing it all mediocrely. I worked permanent nights to have more time with my boys. I felt joy at work and at home but was plagued with the weight on my shoulders that this lifestyle was wearing on me and that my family was feeling the effects.



The Mama Coach

The breakthrough came one late night at my kitchen table. I was tired after multiple night shifts and shared with my husband that I felt like I was failing. We brainstormed.

What should I do? Go back to school? That didn’t seem like my answer, as nursing is a huge part of my identity. What about finding a job that only did day shifts? I had tried that twice in my career, and realised that my calling was helping women and families. Day shifts not caring for women also left me with a void. My husband, the entrepreneur, suggested creating something of my own with my passions. What would that look like? I went to bed that night feeling inspired!


The Mama Coach has changed my life and grown profoundly. I feel fulfilled helping women, I am present for my own children, and I am continually expanding my own learning in the realm of business.

Carrie Bruno – Founder of The Mama Coach


And so came The Mama Coach. I have created my own private entity that allows Registered Nurses to help women through prenatal education, lactation consulting, postpartum support and infant sleep coaching. 

It is not our job to tell women how to mother, as there are so many societal pressures already. Instead, we listen to their story, use our assessment skills and help them meet their parental goals. We empower them with the strategies to overcome “mom guilt”, something every mom struggles with. At the end of our time together, the women we help feel confident with their own mothering style and abilities.

The Mama Coach is expanding to each city and region nation wide. The Mama Coach is the only company in Canada training ONLY Health professionals. You will not be an employee, this business will be yours.

Currently, there are 25 Mama Coaches across Canada!

Full time, or part time, you decide! Join a company that is already established and successful. Jump into the success without the struggle of starting on your own!

The next training session is November 2018!

We are looking for Registered Nurses in:

The Maritimes



London, Ontario




Vancouver and area





UK  (looking for UK lead)

Australia (looking for RN lead)

Dont see your city? We have a rural Mama Coach option as well! From another city not listed? Please still apply, we would love to hear from you!

This opportunity is perfect for you if:

  • You are passionate about helping families.
  • You are a Registered Nurse.
  • You are a Mama.
  • You feel burned out from the challenge of raising a family while doing shift work.
  • You are ready for a change that will give you so much more time and still give you all the satisfaction that nursing does.
Apply Today!

How does it work?

If you are the successful applicant for The Mama Coach license in your region, you will join me for five days of training in November 2018. Here you will receive all the information you need to be a successful Mama Coach. We will cover:

  • The science of sleep

    Why it is important and how it changes through pregnancy, infancy and childhood.

  • Pregnancy

    You will receive all the information and resources to educate pregnant women and their families

  • Mama guilt

    This is a big one! The Mama Coach has developed an approach that addresses this with each Mama we encounter. Motherhood is challenging, and we will share the tools to make it easier as well as the coping techniques and strategies to overcome Mama guilt to truly live your best life.

  • Breastfeeding

    The science, and a complete breakdown on how to help women from the newborn stage to weaning with everything in between. You will be Mama Coach Lactation Counselors at the completion of the program.

  • Allergies and children

    Allergies are so common in children today, The Mama Coach will provide the resources and information to make life with allergies easier on Mamas, as well as provide education on how allergies effect sleep, breastfeeding, bottlefeeding and introducing solids.


Health Professionals

The Mama Coach is the only company in Canada training ONLY Health professionals. You will not be an employee, this business will be yours. Full time, or part time, you decide! Join a company that is already established and successful. Jump into the success without the struggle of starting on your own!



What you can expect

You will leave the 5 day course with a wealth of new knowledge and resources to teach all the Mamas you’ll encounter. But you will also gain the invaluable knowledge on how to be SUCCESSFUL with your business. The Mama Coach head office will give you:

  • Shared logos, templates and all business materials
  • Professional business cards
  • A website and social media pages
  • A monthly business meeting with Carrie
  • Public Relations training + exposure
  • Monthly Professional development via webinar
  • Business coaching + entrepreneurial support
  • Prepared presentations, webinars and blogs
  • Efficient work-flow systems 
  • Team support site
  • Email and web hosting
  • Project management, accounting and electronic charting systems

There are many “sleep training” programs out there. The Mama Coach is the only company in Canada dedicated exclusively for Registered Nurses.
We are not a sleep training program. Our programs are centered around our training as RN’s and our programs are based on science.

Your business will thrive on The Mama Coach brand because parents want the best for their baby. Parents choosing The Mama Coach ensure they get a health professional with years of professional health care training.


Apply Today!

If you want to make a great income, reap the benefits of owning your own company, and have more time with your family, apply today!

Simply fill out the application and I’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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