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My name is Aleisha and I am a mama to three beautiful little girls. I am a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counselor and Sleep consultant. I have worked with babies and their families in the NICU for over 12 years.
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My journey as a Mama Coach

” With my experience personally and professionally, I am confident I can support you in so many ways. I look forward to watching you grow, gain confidence, and reach your goals as a Mama.”

At 13 years old, I absolutely knew I would dedicate my career to babies. Never once have I looked back!

For the past 12 years I have been committed to the babies of the Level 3 NICU. The emotions that accompany comforting a parent through the joy of a new baby and the stress of him or her being in the hospital has shaped the way I view life. Unfathomable pain and unconditional love. Memories of some I will carry with me always as it is impossible not to get attached. They are so strong and I love them fiercely.

In 2011 I became a Mom for the first time. I waited my entire life to have a baby, and a new baby girl was just beyond a dream come true. Our second (2013) and third girls (2015) complete our family and it feels perfect. They are our every heartbeat. Their giggles, their personalities, watching them discover this world…they make our cheeks hurt with laughter. And at the end of the day, however much they may have frustrated or made me mad, they are incredibly precious. It is without a doubt soul stealing.

However, I was not prepared for how hard those first days, weeks, and months would be. Healing was slow, feedings were hard. Anxiety would kick in as the sun set. I was so afraid of being up all night. I would have flourished stronger in those early days had I found The Mama Coach then. Having three children comes with three very different birth stories, feeding hurdles, and experiences. I have had an epidural, and I have had a baby without. I have breast fed, bottle fed, and pumped and fed. I have felt the pressure, shed many tears, and I have felt the guilt. It truly pains me to see a new mom feel like she is failing, because she is not!

I believe in us Mamas and our strength as women, I believe in our babies and their full bellies, and I believe in coming together and reaching out. With my experience personally and professionally, I am confident I can support you in so many ways. I look forward to watching you grow, gain confidence, and reach your goals as a Mama.

Having the three girls in under 4 years, I felt completely defeated. My third baby hated breastfeeding. I had often compared breastfeeding her to breastfeeding a cat! Multiple trips to the lactation consultants (which I waited weeks to get) I received some helpful hints. It worked for a couple months, but when I went back at 4 1/2 months we realized she has dropped her weight from the 25th percentile, down to the 3rd. It physically hurt to think my baby was losing weight! That day they told me to buy some bottles and top her up as much as she would take.

The pressures in our society, along with my personal desire to breastfeed were crippling, and I cried so hard. But the comfort I felt when I fed my baby that bottle and watched her gulp the whole thing down was second to none. We bonded. We connected. More over feeding her that bottle then we ever had trying to breastfeed. I continued to pump and feed her for months, and she thrived. I became a lot stronger through my experiences, and I refuse to let societal pressures influence me. I fed my baby. She is so healthy, and so smart, and just amazing in every way. I did the best I could, and I am proud of my decisions. It was then that I began committing to empowering mothers.

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Do you have a child who won’t sleep?

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed? We can help. As an Infant Sleep Coach we offer a gentle solution to get your child consistently napping and sleeping so much better in the night! Lactation counselling and intensive support is included in ALL of our packages.

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Infant and Child Allergy Navigation

We understand the fear and anxiety around food allergies and my service helps educate and empower parents to gain control of their child’s allergies and feel more comfortable managing them.

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Prenatal Class

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

The Mama Coach prenatal education was created by Carrie Bruno (founder of The Mama Coach) based on over 12 years experience as a labour and delivery nurse and lactation consultant.

Your class will be taught by a Mama coach- and we are all Registered Nurses and Mamas!

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