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This mom gig can be so tough. And beautiful. And stressful. And rewarding. The pendulum of parenthood swings back and forth daily, leaving you feeling exhausted and judged. There are so many opinions, and a vast amount of information out there on how you should parent… it can be so overwhelming, and can leave you feeling stressed and inadequate.

That is why we are here. You deserve a space where you can find information and qualified support from a Registered nurse. We understand your challenges, and want to help you find solutions that fit your parenting style.

We are a team of Registered Nurses across Canada who use evidence informed research, and a HUGE dose of empathy with each family we work with. We are so much more than sleep.

What method do we use for sleep?
This is a big question. The answer is… we don’t have just one. One particular method doesn’t work for all children. We complete a nursing assessment on each child we work with, as well as a feeding assessment to ensure the least amount of stress for the entire family.

We don’t believe that infants should be forced to sleep through the night. This causes so many tears for moms and babes! Instead we do a feeding assessment on every child, and teaching around the timing and feeds themselves… you will see amazing outcomes. A baby that can fall asleep independently will sleep long stretches, and through the night when they are ready, all while feeding on demand. Naps will fall into place and you will find yourself enjoying parenting.

We do a full assessment on every child we work with to ensure that we can help you meet your goals safely, and in the easiest way possible. You will feel supported and comfortable, knowing you have chose the best for your child.

We use our years of training as health professionals to ensure you have the best experience finding your way in your parenting journey.

As Registered Nurses, we bring so much more than sleep. We can’t wait to help you.

Every Mama Coach has been carefully chosen by the founder, Carrie Bruno.

Meet Carrie

Registered Nurse, IBCLC

My name is Carrie and I am the founder of The Mama Coach™. I have been working with moms and babies for over 12 years through my job as a Registered Nurse in labor and delivery and postpartum. I am also an IBCLC Lactation consultant with many years experience helping new moms nurse their babies.

After having my first son who is now ten, I realized the challenges that coincide with motherhood. I never expected I would have a baby with multiple allergies, colic, and major sleep issues. It took time to gain the skills and confidence to effectively manage his allergies, and I want to share my knowledge to help other parents navigate through the overwhelming world of food allergies.

The next big challenge was sleep. Why wouldn’t he sleep? After months and months of sleepless nights I found a sleep solution for my boy. It was life changing for the whole family! I realized that I wasn’t the only mom struggling with children and sleep issues and wanted to offer a solution.

I believe that all babies are unique and all parenting styles should be respected. All of The Mama Coaches programs reflect this.

Carrie’s Public Speaking & Collaboration Work

I work with many families every week one-on-one. But I also love speaking to crowds of mamas. I share “mom hacks”, as well as offer ideas and strategies to embrace and feel confident in your own parenting style. My sessions are always informative, interactive and filled with story and humour.

I also speak on how to manage work and kiddos. Being a “Momboss”, I love to share my story of how my career path changed from working full time shiftwork, to the CEO and founder of a nation wide franchise. I speak on the importance of finding your passion, and going for it.

I attempt to accept as many speaking and writing opportunities as I can because I love supporting moms. To request my availability, please contact me.


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