Returning to Work and Coping with Separation Anxiety

If someone could create a living example of separation anxiety in a toddler, my little girl would be your case study. Before having my daughter I couldn’t have truly understood how children so young can struggle with such strong fears with seemingly no known... read more

Why does my baby nurse all the time?

  When I had my first babe I was so excited about everything. Breastfeeding seemed so wonderful. I would get to bond with my babe and give her everything she needed to grow and thrive. Pretty magical, right?! Then reality hit. I had low milk supply, my babe was... read more

The Importance of Your Birth Story

  As a Mama Coach and Registered Nurse, I have the opportunity to work with women from many different backgrounds and cultures. I have the privilege to be a small part of their journey and I am always excited to learn about new ways I can help and support women.... read more

What’s holding you back?

  This past week was a tough one. I went back to work, which was  inspiring, but also brought along stress that I wasn’t expecting. My middle son was off which caused a lot of tears and tantrums. I felt as though I had hit a thousand roadblocks in developing my... read more


  Hello Mamas! What a wonderful few weeks it has been for The Mama Coach. I’ve been pulling some wicked hours on this computer, trying to show as many moms as possible what I have to offer the world and its paying off! My heart feels happy every time one of you... read more

Shingles in Pregnancy

  This is me, age 35, pregnant for the third time. This picture is hard to look at I know, but I wanted to share with you my experience with shingles in pregnancy. I was 11 weeks pregnant when we took the girls to Florida for our last trip as a family of four.... read more

Mom Hacks: Time & Sanity Savers

Being a mama of three little people is so fun, but can be crazy too. There are a few things that I have learned along the way, and certain things we do with our kids that work for us and are real time savers. Any time saved equals extra time with your kiddos or for... read more

#Fedisbest: A Lactation consultant’s perspective

  Why a Mama’s mental health trumps breastfeeding I walked up the snow covered steps of a quaint bungalow, excited to meet a 2 month old little boy and his mama. I received an email from her a few days prior, and all it said was “I need help with my babe,... read more

The Sweet Spot- How to get longer naps with less crying!

  Any mamas out there have a babe that USED TO fall asleep so easily for bedtime and naps, but now it involves a whole lot of crying? Or maybe you feel like you are doing everything “right”, but she still cries each time you put her down? The answer may be in... read more

The Solution for Teething

UGHHHHH teething. Every mama wonders and worries about teething and her babe. Babes can’t tell us if it truly is their teeth bothering them, or a host of other potential issues. Children have twenty baby teeth. That’s enough to make a mama cringe. So how... read more

Don’t lose sleep over daylight savings

The time has come.. again. Daylight savings time. I remember being younger and loving the idea of an extra hour of sleep. My fond thoughts of daylight savings came to an abrupt halt when I became a mom. My babies (like all babies) do not care that the clock has... read more

Take the stress out of starting solids!

Watching your babe grow and experience their “firsts” is exciting as a parent. First smile, first roll over, first sleep through the night. But when should they first start solids? There are so many opinions on this (as well as every other parenting topic), and... read more

How to cope in early labour- what really works!

Lets be real, labour hurts. It can also be a long process. I always tell my patients that early labour is the hardest part (early labour is 0-3 cm). Why? Because it can take anywhere from a couple hours to days. It is usually the part of labour done at home, wondering... read more

Better Sleep for your Baby

  Motherhood is a beautiful thing. Most women dream about the tender moments parenting brings. And the reality is, your baby will melt your heart a million times over. But motherhood can be challenging. I am The Mama Coach™, a Registered Nurse, lactation... read more

What the heck is a padsicle? DIY postpartum relief

What the heck is a padsicle you ask? Nope, it’s not a homemade treat to enjoy on a hot summer day. They are the ultimate pain relief go to for your post baby lady parts! Make them a few weeks before you are due, throw a few in your bag to bring to the hospital... read more

Sleeping Babies and Vacations: You CAN have both!

When my first son was 8 weeks old my husband and I decided to set off for a weekend vacation… with our little dude. We thought it would be a relaxing, recharging weekend. Not sure why we thought sleep would come in the hotel and not at home! We packed the entire... read more

Mothers not Martyrs

I had an “ah-ha” motherhood moment the other day. It came to me as I was driving down the highway with tears rolling down my cheeks. I had been looking forward to these few days to myself for a month, and was doing a silent countdown in my head every time I had a... read more

Delish Dairy Free / Egg Free Banana Muffins

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday and my youngest guy wanted to bake with me. He was disappointed when he couldn’t “smash” the eggs, but this recipe doesn’t need them! These muffins are moist, and full of flavor. I have been making them since my... read more

Baby up with the birds?

Whose baby gets up with the birds? Tis’ the season. The sun is rising earlier, the birds are singing and many babes think 5 AM is a grand time to wake up. UGH… TOO EARLY! An early wakeup can set the tone of the day and make for an exhausted, crabby baby, and a worn... read more

Beat the heat with your baby this summer!

  It’s June and we’ve already had some sweltering heat. Some of us love it, but it can be stressful for mamas trying to keep their little ones cool. Babies can’t regulate their temperatures as easily as adults  nor can they tell us they are too warm. Here are... read more

Breathing and Birth

  “Don’t forget to breathe” might sound like the most obvious piece of advice you can give someone, but learning special breathing techniques for labour can help you get through each stage, stop you from involuntarily pushing (which is... read more

How to transition your baby from two naps to one

I get many emails from mom’s asking how they’ll know if their baby is ready to go from two naps a day to one. Babies are usually ready for this change around a year of age. I have seen babies go as early as nine months and I’ve also seen babies hang on to two... read more

How you feed your baby is YOUR choice!

Nursing in public is a hot topic. There are many social media posts about flash mobs of breastfeeding women, or women who have been patronized for nursing uncovered in public. There’s also criticism out there for women who choose to nurse discreetly or feed their babe... read more

Breastfeeding MUST haves!

Have you made the decision to breastfeed and are knee deep in information and products that all claim to be vital to your success? Take a deep breath. As an IBCLC Lactation consultant and a mom of two little boys, both of which I breastfed, I am here to help. With my... read more

Bring extra colostrum with you to the hospital: Here’s how!

Colostrum is the yellow, first milk women produce from about their 20th week of pregnancy. It is the ideal first food for your baby. Known as “liquid gold”, it’s full of immunoglobulins that provide the vital initial framework for your baby’s immune system.... read more

Make Your Nursery Beautiful AND Functional

  As The Mama Coach™, I get to step inside many beautiful nurseries. It is obvious that care and time was taken with each detail to make it a stunning safe haven for their little one. The paint is carefully chosen, the furniture and each accent piece makes most... read more

“Daddy Baba”.. How a lovie can help your little one

“MOM!! Where’s my Baba?”. And so begins our nightly search for my four year old boy’s lovie, otherwise known as “Daddy Baba”. He did have a “Mommy Baba”, but she got left at Fantasyland hotel last year and we think he may finally be over it. So now... read more

Infant Reflux: What else could it be?

Reflux. It is a common topic amongst moms with new babies. I come across so many clients whose babes have been diagnosed with reflux and put on medication. I want to explain why I think the rates of reflux are on the rise and what you as a mom can do tonight to help... read more

Soothers & Sleep

A lot of parents who use soothers feel a twinge of guilt the first time they stick a pacifier in their baby’s mouth. However, dealing with a screaming infant in the grocery line or on a long car trip will make most parents try just about anything they can think of to... read more


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